Plummet amulet

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Death (ground floor), Amulets case
Object Type
Jewellery, Amulet
Stone/minerals (Steatite)
Egypt, Nebesheh
Length: 20.1mm | Width: 16.2mm | Depth: 4.2mm
Number of Elements

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This steatite amulet is in the form of a sextant. It is on long-term loan from the British Museum who acquired it 1887 from the Egypt Exploration Fund. From Nebesheh.


Andrews, Carol 1994. Amulets of ancient Egypt. London: The British Museum Press. Goodridge, Wendy R. & Stuart J. Williams 2005. Offerings from The British Museum. Swansea: The Egypt Centre. [p. 7] Petrie, William Matthew Flinders 1888. Nebesheh (Am) and Defenneh (Tahpanhes). London: Trübner.

Previous Owners
The British Museum | Egypt Exploration Society
Excavation Details

Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Fund at Nebesheh.

Long-term loan, The British Museum (04 Apr 2005)
Last modified: 18 Nov 2022

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