Pottery vessel

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Pottery case
Object Type
Receptacle/vessel, Jug
Graeco-Roman Period
Ptolemaic Period
Height: 141mm | Diameter (widest point): 101mm | Diameter (exterior rim): 27mm | Weight: 312g
Number of Elements

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A biconical vessel with ridged lines around it. The vessel has a ring base, a handle, and a spout. A second handle is now missing. The surface has a white wash and is decorated with a plant motif (in black) just below the handle, a typical addition of the Ptolemaic Period. It is part of the Woking Collection, which arrived to the Egypt Centre on long-term loan from Woking College in 2012 (Engel 2020).


Engel, Dulcie (2020) The Woking Loan: a collection within a collection at the Egypt Centre. Available at: https://www.egypt.swan.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/WOKING-LOAN.pdf Wodzińska, Anna 2009–2010. A manual of Egyptian pottery, 4 vols. AERA field manual series 1. Boston: Ancient Egypt Research Associates. [vol. 4, p. 41, Ptolemaic 40]

Last modified: 11 Feb 2021

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