Pottery vessel

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Predynastic case
Object Type
Predynastic Period
Naqada I to Naqada II
Height: 138mm | Maximum Diameter: 161mm | Base Diameter: 60mm | Rim Diameter: 161mm | Height of Maximum Diameter: 138mm | Vessel Index: 117
Number of Elements

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A black-topped redware vessel with a flat base and direct rim. The lower half is decorated with darker red markings. It is broken around the rim and restored, albeit with a part of the vessel missing. It dates to the Predynastic Period (Naqada I-II). The Naqada Period is named after the type site in Upper Egypt, just north of Thebes. Black-topped redware is a fine red pottery with blackened rim. How such vessels were decorated has been much debated (Hendrickx, Friedman, & Loyens 2000; Smythe, 2005).

Munsell Chart reading

Rim (exterior): 10YR 2/1 black | Body: 2.5YR 4/3 reddish brown | Interior: 10YR 2/1 black


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