Daisy tile

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One of a group of daisy inlays. 'Heliopolis' is marked on it, but this is believed to be an error. Another inlay has a label on the back giving date and provenance 'Porcelain Disc with inlay of petals of a different col ?clay. Egyptian of Ptolemaic period from Tel el Yahoudah. Used to inlay on decorative details.' Tiles such as these more commonly date to the Twentieth Dynasty. One of the items has a label 'Berens 47' on the back suggesting that this was part of the Berens collection. Randolph Humphery Berens, née McLaughlin (1844-1922) took the name Berens on his marriage in 1877 with Eleanor Frances. Both collected Egyptian antiquities. His collection was sold in Sotheby's on 18th June 1923. His wife's collection was sold on 29th July 1923 and 31st July 1923 (Bierbrier 1995, 42-43). As this item was sold on 31st July (as confirmed by the Wellcome slip), it must have belonged to Lady Berens.


Last modified: 21 May 2022

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