Architectural fragment or stela

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Stone case
Object Type
Architecture, Architectural element, Stela
Graeco-Roman Period
Stone/minerals (Limestone)
Height: 350mm | Width: 285mm | Depth: 130mm
Number of Elements

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An architectural fragment or stela. A sun disc is over the door with uraeus snakes protecting it. Horus, in hawk form, is immediately above the door wearing the double crown. To the left of him is a winged sun disc. While this may be part of a tomb, e.g. a naiskos, similar items have been found on domestic sites. Those at Medinet Habu were found in the debris, and thus their purpose was unknown. A similar example was also found in a house at Palmyria dating from second-third century AD


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