Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Stone case
Object Type
Architecture, Architectural element, Stela
Middle Kingdom to Second Intermediate Period
Thirteenth Dynasty to Seventeenth Dynasty
Stone/minerals (Limestone)
Egypt, Esna
Number of Elements
Divine Name
Height: 397mm | Width: 320mm | Depth: 72mm

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A roughly carved, round-topped Second Intermediate Period limestone funerary stela of the dignitary Ibiia. The lunette at the top depicts two wadjet-eyes flanking the shen-sign. Below this is the offering formula, addressed to Sokar, which is written over three horizontal lines. The central scene depicts the stela owner, Ibiia, seated before an offering table and flanked by his two brothers. The brother in front is also called Ibiia, who is in charge of the funerary ceremonies, while behind him is Khnumemsaf. The bottom register depicts five additional figures, who are identified as family members of Ibiia. One of them is his sister, who is described as the "king's ornament". Traces of red pigment used for the skin of some of the figures are still visible. The stela is assumed to be from Esna based on the style, orthography, and prosopography. Additionally, a second stela, formerly in the Liverpool Museum but destroyed during the Second World War, depicts some of the same family members as on EC7 (Donohue 2009, 119). This second stela was excavated at Esna by John Garstang and Harold Jones during the 1905–06 season (Downes 1974, 69–70, fig 34). Based on a partial auction label, it seems that EC7 was purchased by Wellcome from the collection of Robert de Rustafjaell in 1907 (Donohue 2009, 115 n. 2).


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