Large bag-shaped jar

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This jar is made from Nile silt and dates to the Eighteenth Dynasty. It has a rolled outside rim and a pointed base. There is a red slip and it has been decorated with thick black bands, one on the rim, three on the neck, and two on the body of the jar. It has been wheel-made. There is some damage to the base of the jar. The jar is marked '90E XVIII Dyn Esna'. From tomb 90E at Esna excavated by Garstang. Originally part of the collection of the Reverend William MacGregor, the jar was later purchased at auction by Sir Henry Wellcome in 1930.


Downes, Dorothy 1974. The excavations at Esna, 1905–1906. Warminster: Aris and Phillips.

Last modified: 18 Jun 2022

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