Book of the Dead papyrus

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A papyrus sheet from the 'Book of the Dead'. This particular piece depicts the hymn to the rising sun, Chapter 15 of the 'Book of the Dead'. The scroll belonged to Ankh-Hapi, son of Pa-Sheri-en-Min and Ta-di-Aset. The illustration at the top shows a funeral ceremony in front of the tomb, a vignette which usually illustrates Chapter 1 in the New Kingdom, but which by the Late Dynastic and Ptolemaic Period can be used to illustrate chapters 1-15. Anubis appears on this scene, together with the sacrifice of a bull, the implements used in the 'Opening of the Mouth Ceremony', etc. A priest carrying out a purification is shown and a lector priest with a headdress of two feathers. This particular piece is Late Dynastic to the Ptolemaic Period in date. It was sold to Wellcome in Sotheby's sale of 1932, and it was published by Kate Bosse-Griffiths (1996, 97-102). Verhoeven (1998, 221-232) discusses another piece of the same papyrus (P.London BM EA 9946).


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