Large simple plate

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Pottery case
Object Type
Receptacle/vessel, Plate
Predynastic Period to Early Dynastic Period
Naqada III to First Dynasty
Pottery (Marl)
Egypt, Hierakonpolis, Fort cemetery, Grave 60
Height: 60mm | Max and rim diameter: 270mm | Height of max diameter: 60mm | Base: 95mm | Vessel index: 450
Number of Elements
Vienna System
Marl A

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This is a large plate with a flat base and direct rim. Hand-made with a red slip over the interior and exterior and decorated with burnishing streaks with radiating lines from the centre on the inside. On the outside there are straight streaks marked around the base. The chip on the rim shows a pink colouring with a equal distribution of small pieces of limestone, sand, and quartzite suggesting that this plate is made from Marl A. It was broken in three parts and mended prior to 1971, with pieces chipped from the rim. The plate was excavated from grave 60 within the Fort at Hierakonpolis in 1905 by John Garstang (Adams 1987, 61, pl. 11). It dates to the late Naqada III/early First Dynasty and was purchased by Wellcome at auction in 1922 (lot 1705) from the collection of the Reverend William MacGregor. The Hierakonpolis fort is a large mudbrick enclosure built during the Second Dynasty. While its function remains a mystery, it seems to be connected with king Khasekhemwy.

Munsell Chart reading

2.5 YR 4/8 Red


Adams, Barbara 1987. The fort cemetery at Hierakonpolis (excavated by John Garstang). Studies in Egyptology. London; New York: KPI [Kegan Paul International]. [p. 61, pl. 11]

Wellcome Number
Other Identity
60F (excavation number written in black ink on the inner surface) | 3091 (MacGregor number written in black ink on base)
Sotheby, Wilkinson, & Hodge: 26 Jun–06 Jul 1922, Lot 1705
Previous Owners
John Garstang (1876–1956) | Rev. William MacGregor (1848–1937) | Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome (1853–1936)
Excavation Details

Excavated by John Garstang from grave 60 within the Fort Cemetery at Hierakonpolis in 1905.

Long-term loan, The Wellcome Trust (15 Feb 1971)
Last modified: 05 Mar 2022

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