Mummified crocodile

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Death (ground floor), Animals case
Object Type
Organic remains, Reptile, Mummified remains of a reptile, Mummified remains of a crocodile
Late Period to Graeco-Roman Period
Mummified remains (Animal remains)
Number of Elements
Length: 1020mm | Width: 165mm | Height: 86mm

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A mummified crocodile, the provenance of which is unrecorded. Coffin boards were originally associated with this object, but their whereabouts is now unknown. It dates to the Late Dynastic to the Graeco-Roman period. It was presented to the Wellcome Museum by Petrie in 1929. This mummy was X-rayed by St James vets in Swansea on 8th December 2008 for the company Wild Dreams (for a TV documentary). It was found to contain the mummified remains of a lizard or baby crocodile measuring about 460mm long.

Wellcome Number
58279 (added to the pre 1997 catalogue card in blue ink and a label with this number on was found separate from the object and refers to a mummified crocodile.)
Other Identity
69307 (on pre 1997 catalogue card) | 58347 (Day Book 1975 page 11 -'on coffin boards of crocodile find label of WHMM DBC EGY 58347 (3 boards)')
Previous Owners
British School of Archaeology in Egypt | Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome (1853–1936)
Long-term loan, The Wellcome Trust (15 Feb 1971)

Last modified: 09 Mar 2021

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