Copper alloy headdress from a statue

Accession Number
Current Location
In storage
Object Type
Sculpture, Statue
Graeco-Roman Period
Metals/alloys (Copper alloy)
Height: 100mm | Width: 70mm | Depth: 37mm
Number of Elements

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This is part of a copper alloy headdress. There are two uraei on one side flanked with three feathers(?) and the stump of a fourth. All stand on a horizontal bar with a vertical 'tang' extending downwards from the central region. The rounded lump and the flattened tubular section connecting it to the 'tang' of the headdress appear to be remnants from the casting process, so this is an unfinished artefact, possibly discarded because the mould did not fully fill with metal (hence the missing pieces required for symmetry). This probably dates to the Graeco-Roman Period.