Medium Shouldered Jar

Accession Number
Current Location
In storage
Object Type
Predynastic Period
Naqada II
Pottery (Nile silt)
Egypt, Naqada, Grave 1840
Number of Elements
Height: 244mm | Rim diameter: 138mm | Maximum diameter: 153mm | Height of maximum diameter: 179mm | Base diameter: 44mm | Vessel index: 63

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A medium shouldered jar with a flat base and a direct rim with internal dent, made of Marl A. This vessel has two large chips in its rim, with a number of smaller chips. The object is handmade, and has been burnished red with a black top. It dates to the Naqada II period. On the side of the jar there is a cream serrated sticker which says 1145/6. Below this is a rectangular cream sticker saying 1745 10. On the inside rim there is a large MacGregor auction sticker. The base has 1840 written in black pen. On long-term loan at the Egypt Centre since 1971 as part of the distribution of the Wellcome collection.


Hendrickx, S., Friedman, R. and Loyens, F. 2000. Experimental Archaeology concerning Black-topped red ware from Ancient Egypt and the Sudan. 'Cahiers de le Ceramique Egyptienne' 6, 171-185; Smythe, J. 2005 Monuments in Mud, 'Nekhen News' 17, 21-23).

3D Model

Munsell Chart Reading

7.5R 3/3 dusky red GLEY 2 2.5/10B bluish black

Vienna System
Nile A

Last modified: 03 Feb 2023

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