Bead necklace

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Jewellery case
Object Type
Jewellery, Bead(s), String of beads
Middle Kingdom
Stone/minerals (Carnelian)
Length: 230mm
Number of Elements
1 string

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A string of carnelian beads dating to the Middle Kingdom. The three larger beads are in the shape of snakes' heads, with two of them having engraved circles to resemble eyes. Snake head carnelian pendants may date to the Middle Kingdom (Andrews 1981, 66 nrs. 430–432) or New Kingdom (Andrews 1996, 85). However, examples shaped like ours date to the Middle Kingdom (BM EA 30860; Andrews 1981, 65 nr. 422). Similar pendants are also illustrated in Engelbach (1923, pl. LI.44). The snake head amulet Menqet or Mekert is described in Spell 101 of the Book of the Dead. Such amulets were often placed at the throat of the mummy. This item was purchased in 1924 by Wellcome from the collection of the Reverend Frankland Hood.


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