Medium shouldered Jar

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Pottery case
Object Type
Receptacle/vessel, Jar
Second Intermediate Period to New Kingdom
Seventeenth Dynasty to Eighteenth Dynasty
Pottery (Nile silt)
Egypt, Esna, Tomb 77
Height: 213mm | Rim: 75.5mm | Max Diameter: 104.6mm | Height of Max Diameter: 80mm | Vessel Index: 49
Number of Elements
Vienna System
Nile B

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A red slipped Nile silt jar, rounded base and long neck with rolled outside rim which has a piece missing. This jar has been wheel made and has two indents near the base which may suggest thumb and finger marks from when the jar was picked up before firing. It has been vertically polished. It was excavated by John Garstang within tomb 77E in 1905 identified by ink writing on the neck of the jar. There is also writing in different handwriting that gives the date as XIIth Dynasty, however, the vessel belongs to one of the most common forms of the 17th to early 18th Dynasties. The jar was purchased by Wellcome in 1922 from the collection of the Reverend William MacGregor.

Munsell Chart reading

10R 4/6 Red


Downes, Dorothy 1974. The excavations at Esna, 1905-1906. Warminster: Aris and Phillips

Wellcome Number
Other Identity
W200 (notes found in possession of V. A. Donohue) | 77E (excavation number)
Sotheby, Wilkinson, & Hodge: 26 Jun–06 Jul 1922, Lot 1714
Previous Owners
Rev. William MacGregor (1848–1937) | Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome (1853–1936)
Excavation Details

Excavated by John Garstang within tomb 77 at Esna in 1905

Long-term loan, The Wellcome Trust (15 Feb 1971)
Last modified: 25 Feb 2022

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