Large cylindrical jar

Accession Number
Current Location
In storage
Object Type
New Kingdom
Eighteenth Dynasty
Number of Elements
Height: 295mm| Rim Diameter: 100mm| Maximum Diameter: 193mm| Height of maximum diameter: 206mm| Base Diameter: 64mm| Vessel Index: 65

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Large cylindrical jar. The vessel is made from Marl clay. The vessel has a direct rim with a flat, uneven edged base. The vessel is wheel made with a ribbed exterior surface and a decentralised spiral on the base. here is a white slip placed onto the outer exterior of the vessel. On the interior of the vessel, the material is a grey/purple colour which is also present in small patches on the exterior and around the rim. The base and its edge has chipping and dents along the surface. The rim and the neck of the object is in several pieces with most sections being repaired with clear orange resin, with the cracks remaining visible and travelling down to the middle of the exterior, but some sections of the rim are still missing. The current catalogue number of 'EC95' is printed in black on a white label glued to the base of the object. Underneath the current catalogue number in pencil is '2210'.

Munsell Chart Reading

Exterior: 5Y 8/2 Pale Yellow

Vienna System
Marl B

Last modified: 17 Nov 2022

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