Small carinated dish

Accession Number
Current Location
In storage
Object Type
Receptacle/vessel, Dish
Late Roman Period
Height: 54mm | Maximum diameter: 141mm | Rim diameter: 137mm | Base diameter: 61mm | Height of maximum diameter: 40mm | Vessel index: 261
Number of Elements

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A small carinated dish with a ring base and a flange under a decorated direct rim. The decoration is made of impressed dots parallel to each other. Two lines of dots are noticeable on one side of the rim. It was wheel-made. Black burning marks and residue are inside the dish; this pottery might have been used to burn oil or incense. Liquid, maybe oil, went through the body and is visible on the underside of the dish. An ancient crack might have resulted in this liquid seeping out. This dish dates to the Late Roman Period and could be an Egyptian copy of Roman pottery. Purchased by Wellcome in 1906 from the collection of Robert de Rustafjaell.

Munsell Chart reading

5YR 5/4 Reddish brown