Limestone relief

Accession Number
Current Location
In storage
Object Type
Architecture, Architectural decoration, Relief
New Kingdom
Eighteenth Dynasty
Stone/minerals (Limestone)
Egypt, Thebes/Luxor, Deir el-Bahri
Height: 385mm | Width: 195mm | Depth: 35mm
Number of Elements
Divine Name

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This limestone relief shows two columns: one column with three three symbols of a million years (heh), and one with the 'di' and 'n' hieroglyphic signs. The type of limestone suggests that it was from Hatshepsut's temple at Deir el-Bahri and may be part of an inscription reading 'The Great Mansion of Millions of Years'. The eight 'Chaos' gods were believed to exist at the beginning of time. These were Nun and Naunet, Amun and Amaunet, Heh and Hauhet, Kek and kaoket who together formed the watery mass of Chaos. Elsewhere, Heh is also shown holding up the barque of the sun god. This object shows Heh with upraised arms and palm frond on his head. This object was originally part of the Rustafjaell collection sold at auction 20.12.1906.


Anonymous. 1996. The face of Egypt: Swansea Festival exhibition: 5 October 1996–5 January 1997. Swansea: Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. [Cat. 75] Griffin, Kenneth 2018. Two relief fragments from the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari in the Egypt Centre, Swansea. Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 27 (2: Special Studies, Deir el-Bahari Studies 2), 227–235.

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