Statue of Aba

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor)
Object Type
Sculpture, Statue
Late Period
Twenty-sixth Dynasty
Stone/minerals (Limestone)
Egypt, Saft el-Henna
Height: 348mm | Width: 223mm | Depth: 165mm
Number of Elements
Divine Name
Horus | Horus of the East | Khenset | Sopdu

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A block statue of Aba the priest, made of limestone. Block statues in which the individual is enveloped by a long cloak with legs drawn up toward the chest are a classic type of private sculpture from the Middle Kingdom. They seem to have been commonly placed ex-votos in temples to enable the official to participate in rituals. The inscription is an offering formula which says the owner is Aba the priest of Sopdu (a falcon headed god who protected the eastern frontier of Egypt, whose cult was at Saft el-Henna). One of his ancestors is a whm priest, a mediator priest (Lexikon der Ägyptologie, Volume 4, p163) who could explain divine oracles. It dates to the Late Period, likely the Twenty-sixth Dynasty. It was purchased by Wellcome from the MacGregor collection in 1922.


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(1) ḥtp di͗ nswt nṯrw i͗my<w> ḥwt-nbs di͗<.sn> prt-ḥrw t ḥnḳt kꜣw ꜣpdw ḫt nb<t> nfr<t> wꜥb<t> ꜥnḫ<t> nṯr i͗m (2) <n> kꜣ i͗mꜣḫ ptḥ-wn ḫmm<ty> ḥrw wr šꜣꜥ m ḫpr (3) [ḥm-nṯr ḫnst] sꜣ-2-nw i͗bꜣ sꜣ mi͗-nn rꜥ-ms (4) [sꜣ n ...] ḥm-nTr-wḥm ḥrw-i͗ꜣbty sꜣ-mwt sꜣ mi͗-nn sẖꜣw (5) [...] rꜥ-ms ?? mwt.f i͗ḥyt spd nb i͗ꜣbtt nb-[...] (1) An offering which the king gives to the gods who are in Hutnebes, (in order that) <they> may give a voice offering of bread, beer, meat, fowl, everything good and pure on which a god lives (2) <for> the ka of the revered one, creator of light, nurse of Horus wr šꜣꜥ m ḫpr, (3) [prophet of Khenset(?)] of the second phyle, Aba, son of the same titled Ramose (4) [son of] the wḥm-priest of Horus of the East, Samut, son of the same titled scribe (5) [...] Ramose ??, his mother, the singer of Sopdu, Lord of the East, Neb[...].

Personal Names
Aba (i͗bꜣ) | Neb[...] (nb-[...]) | Ramose (rꜥ-ms) | Samut (sꜣ-mwt)
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