Stone vessel

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Predynastic case
Object Type
Receptacle/vessel, Vase
Aston type 12
Predynastic Period
Naqada I to Naqada II
Stone/minerals (Basalt)
Egypt, Mostagedda, Grave 11729
Height: 225mm | Width (lug to lug): 130mm: Diameter (exterior rim): 89 | Diameter (body): 126mm | Diameter (stand): 57mm
Number of Elements

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A black ovoid basalt vase with two pierced lugs and a small circular foot (Aston type 12). The object was excavated by Guy Brunton from grave 11729 at Mostagedda in 1929. The source of stone is probably the Haddadin basalt flow near Cairo Mallory-Greenough (2002). This is perhaps a type 2d vessel, which is said by Mallory-Greenough (2002, 70) to date to Nagada I–II. These tend to occur in wealthy burials. Grave 11729 is described by Brunton (1937, 74) as a "grave covered with matting laid on sticks. Finer matting on and under body".


Aston, Barbara G. 1994. Ancient Egyptian stone vessels: materials and forms. Studien zur Archäologie und Geschichte Altägyptens 5. Heidelberg: Heidelberger Orientverlag. [p. 95] Brunton, Guy 1937. Mostagedda and the Tasian culture: British Museum expedition to Middle Egypt, first and second years, 1928, 1929. London: Bernard Quaritch. [pp. 74, 86, pl. 42] Mallory-Greenough, Leanne M. 2002. The geographical, spatial, and temporal distribution of Predynastic and First Dynasty basalt vessels. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 88, 67–93.

Wellcome Number
Other Identity
W1552 (number deleted) | 29/11729 (excavation number)
Previous Owners
Guy Brunton (1878–1948) | Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome (1853–1936)
Excavation Details

Excavated within grave 11729 at Mostagedda in 1929 by Guy Brunton.

Long-term loan, The Wellcome Trust (15 Feb 1971)
Last modified: 28 Oct 2021

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