Stela fragment

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Amarna case
Object Type
Architecture, Architectural element, Stela
New Kingdom
Eighteenth Dynasty
Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten
Stone/minerals (Sandstone)
Egypt, Amarna
Height: 30mm | Width: 50mm
Number of Elements

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This fragment of sandstone is from an Amarna household stela. The rays of the Aten can be seen on the left side of the fragment, while the double cartouches of the later form of the god's name and three columns of epithets are to the right. The inscription reads from right to left. The stela would have originally depicted the royal couple (Akhenaten and Nefertiti), perhaps with some of their daughters, beneath the rays of the Aten. It was purchased by Wellcome in 1930. Previously in the collection of the Reverend William MacGregor. On long-term loan to Swansea from the Wellcome Trust since 1971.


Riefling, Bernhard 2013. Rekonstruktionsversuche von Amarna-Flachbildern: I. Die Familienstele Louvre E.11624; II. Die Halskragenstele Berlin ÄM 14511. Göttinger Miszellen 239, 81–90. Spink & Son 1924. Egyptian antiquities from the MacGregor, Hilton Price, Amherst, Meux & Carnarvon collections: on view at Spink & Son's galleries. Londo: n.p. [p. 18]

3D Model


From right to left: (1)ꜥnḫ rꜥ ḥḳꜣ-ꜣḫty ḥꜥi͗ m ꜣḫt (2)m rn.f i͗t-rꜥ i͗i͗ m i͗tn (3)di͗ ꜥnḫ ḏt nḥḥ (4)i͗tn ꜥnḫ wr nb ḥb-sd (5)nb šnn(t) nb(t) i͗tn nb tꜣ nb (6)pt (m pr) i͗tn m ꜣḫt-(7)i͗tn Live Re, ruler of the two horizons who rejoices in the horizon in his name of Re the father, who has returned as the Aten, given life continually forever; the great living Aten, lord of jubilees, lord of everything the Aten encircles, lord of the earth and lord of the sky, (in the house of) the Aten in Akhetaten.

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