Fragment of a bracelet

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Board 1
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Jewellery, Bracelet/bangle
Predynastic Period
Animal products (Ivory) | Shell
Egypt, Armant, Surface find 1600
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A shell bracelet fragment from Armant. In the Petrie Museum distribution notes this object is listed in one place as being made of shell and in another as being of ivory. Shell bracelets seem to have been common in the Predynastic and occur from the Nagada II Period, though in Nubia continue until the Third Dynasty. This is a surface find from an A-group cemetery. Kemp states that shell bracelets were made from cutting a narrow ring from the base of a large gastropod (Conus) shell.


Kemp, B. 'Appendix 6. Shell Bracelets in Egypt' in C.B.M. McBurney 1967. 'The Haua Fteah ( Cyrenaica ) and the Stone Age of the South-east Mediterranean', 374-5.

Last modified: 12 Oct 2020

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