Offering tray

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Death (ground floor), Offerings case
Object Type
Religious or cult object, Offering table (wdḥw)
Graeco-Roman Period
Stone/minerals (Limestone)
Number of Elements
Length: 300mm | Width: 187mm | Depth: 40mm

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Limestone rectangular offering tray. Depicts a bird and two loaves of bread between, a hes-vase and a ewer. The two vessels are connected by a water to a bowl. The offering tray is incomplete. The piece measures 295x189x37mm. The style suggests a Graeco-Roman date (Bolshakov, A.O. 2001. 'Offering Tables' in D.B. Redford (ed.) 'The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt', 572-576). (probably hetep shaped) Cf Kamal Catalogue Général, 1906, pl XVIII, No. 23083.