Body sherd of a pottery vessel

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In storage
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Predynastic Period
Badarian Culture
Egypt, Armant
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A body sherd of a pottery vessel made of brown/black fabric. It shows traces of burnishing and rippling. It is from a box labelled 'Armant 4 Badarian (EPIII) Medium and Fine Wares 50/2971-50/3006 and 50/3024-50/3026'. This sherd dates to the Predynastic Badarian Period (5500-4000BCE). This is the earliest type of Egyptian pottery manufactured. Badarian vessels are hand made and of extremely high quality. They were burnished to a lustrous finish and fired so that the top is coloured black and the rest left red.

Previous Owners
Egypt Exploration Society | University College London
Excavation Details

Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society at Armant during the 1936–37 season.

Assumed long-term loan, The Wellcome Trust (15 Feb 1971)
Last modified: 05 Mar 2021

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