Sherd of a pottery vessel

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Amarna case
Object Type
Palace ware
New Kingdom
Eighteenth Dynasty
Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten to Tutankhamun
Pottery (Nile silt)
Egypt, Amarna
Number of Elements
Height: 59mm | Width: 80mm

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A sherd of blue-painted pottery from Amarna. This sherd is wheel-made. The decoration includes a blue band flanked with black lines with a central line, red oval shapes flanked by black lines, and evidence of outlined petals of the blue lotus tapering downwards. There is a cartouche carved into the surface of the sherd however this is believed to be a modern addition as it was carved after firing and it is not possible to read the hieroglyphs.


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Munsell Chart Reading

Internal: 2.5YR 6/4 Light Reddish Brown

Vienna System
Nile D

Last modified: 03 Jun 2023

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