Granodiorite statue

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Stone case
Object Type
Sculpture, Statue
Middle Kingdom
Thirteenth Dynasty
Stone/minerals (Granodiorite)
Height: 158mm | Width: 81mm | Depth: 92mm
Number of Elements

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The top half of a black granodiorite sculpture of male holding two long vases(?). The side view suggests that the man is kneeling, as is usual on Middle Kingdom statues of people holding vessels. There is an inscription on the back.The fact that this is made from granodiorite suggests it is an elite piece. The man is named as the Steward Iwf. The title Steward shows he was an important person. It dates from the Middle Kingdom, likely Thirteenth Dynasty (stylistically dated by Connor). It was purchased by Wellcome from the Rustafjaell collection in 1906.


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