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A steatite shabti fragment belonging to the Chief Lector Priest Padiamenopet (Pedamenope). The shabti is inscribed with Chapter six of the Book of the Dead. Padiamenopet was the owner of the largest private tomb ever created in Egypt (TT 33). Over 250 shabtis for Padiamenopet are currently known, most of which are fragmentary. This one was purchased by Wellcome at auction in 1924.


Gundlach, Meg. (2013) Typology and artisanship in Twenty-fifth Dynasty Theban shabtis: The chief lector priest Pedamenope. PhD thesis, Swansea University. Málek, Jaromír 1977. Shabtis of Pedamenope (Theb. Tb. 33) in the Ashmolean and Fitzwilliam Museums. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 63, 137–141.

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