Large ellipsoid jar

Accession Number
Current Location
In storage
Object Type
Receptacle/vessel, Jar
Graeco-Roman Period
Ptolemaic Period
Pottery (Marl)
Number of Elements
Height: 521mm | Maximum diameter: 325mm | Height of maximum diameter: 160mm | Rim diameter: 104mm | Vessel index: 62

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This jar has a direct rim and a rounded base. It has been wheel-made and has deep evenly spaced rilling marks from shoulder to base. The handmade handles have been attached in a coarse manner. It is richly decorated with inverted sepals of alternating yellow and green around the neck with the points sitting on a double band of dark green and yellow. Next, there are lotus flowers. Each lotus flower has a central open flower and two hanging flowers on each side. The flowers have a red stem, the flower is outlined in red with the central leaf painted yellow and the outer two a dark green colour. There are two more bands of yellow and green above a section of red criss-cross markings. There are two further bands of green and yellow before more sepals of green and yellow around the bottom of the body. There is a hand-drawn mark near the top, which might be a depiction of a bull. The vessel has been coated in a yellow paint. It has been resorted at an unknown date. There have been attempts to gap-fill missing areas of the jar, but some areas have been left with the gap. The rim is chipped and has had restoration undertaken on it.

Munsell Chart Reading

5YR 6/2 Pinkish Grey

Last modified: 02 May 2023

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