Pottery jar sherd

Accession Number
Current Location
House of Life (first floor), Amarna case
Object Type
Receptacle/vessel, Jar
Palace ware
New Kingdom
Eighteenth Dynasty
Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten to Tutankhamun
Pottery (Nile silt)
Egypt, Amarna
Height: 59mm | Width: 79mm | Depth: 10mm
Number of Elements
Vienna System
Nile D

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A blue painted jar sherd from Amarna, from the same vessel as EC1358b. Cream slip under two panels of a blue band flanked with black lines with a central red line, red dots flanked by black lines and the base of blue lotus petals tapering to a point. Wheel turning marks on the interior. Made of Nile clay tempered with limestone. Blue painted ware like this was associated with festivals in the Eighteenth Dynasty. Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Society at Amarna.

Munsell Chart reading

External: 2.5Y 8/2 Pale Yellow | Internal: 7.5YR 6/2 Pinkish Gray


Budka, Julia 2013. Festival pottery from New Kingdom Egypt: three case studies. In Bader, Bettina and Mary F. Ownby (eds), Functional aspects of Egyptian ceramics in their archaeological context: proceedings of a conference held at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge, July 24th–July 25th, 2009, 185–213. Leuven; Paris; Walpole, MA: Peeters; Department of Oriental Studies. Hope, Colin A. 1991. Blue-painted and polychrome decorated pottery from Amarna: a preliminary corpus. Cahiers de la céramique égyptienne 2, 17–92. Rose, Pamela J. 2007. The Eighteenth Dynasty pottery corpus from Amarna. Egypt Exploration Society, Excavation Memoir 83. London: Egypt Exploration Society.

Other Identity
EC1358 (previous number)
Previous Owners
Egypt Exploration Society | Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome (1853–1936)
Long-term loan, The Wellcome Trust (15 Feb 1971)
Last modified: 15 May 2023

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