Lantern slide

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Photographic media, Lantern slide
Twentieth century CE/AD
Egypt, Aswan
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Lantern slide. Showing the Aswan. This photograph was taken by Sgt. Johnson of the 436 Welsh Field Company c. 1917. It formed part of a lecture which he gave. The notes from his lecture read 'Here we have a view of Assouan. In ancient remains Assuan is not very rich though such antiquities as are to be found here are of very consierable interest, only a fraction of the ancient buildings are still to be seen even in the ruins...There are new gardens in Assoun which are actually known to be blooming above the libraries of the past but in contemplating such catastrophies one can attach blame to no-one, except perhaps the archaeologist and the archaeologically interested public who failed to excavate these sites while there was yet time. The new buildings, the new roads these new gardens are healthy signs of modern progress which no sane person could wish to check and no man could hope to regulate.'

Last modified: 09 May 2020

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