Stone stela

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Current Location
House of Life (first floor)
Object Type
Architecture, Architectural element, Stela
First Intermediate Period
Stone/minerals (Limestone)
Egypt, Gebelein
Width: 296mm | Depth: 68mm | Height: 594mm
Number of Elements

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A stone stela with two figures facing left, one with a bundle of arrows and holding a bow in front of him. This type of soldier stela is typical of the First Intermediate Period. The predominance of such stelae may be a result of the civil war in this period. Nubian bowmen were frequently employed in Egypt as soldiers. Vandier suggests that only soldiers killed in action were allowed stelae, which may also explain why they appear hastily made. This item was purchased by Wellcome at auction in 1906 as part of the Rustafjaell collection.


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3D Model


(1) ḥtp-di͗-nswt i͗npw tpy-ḏw.f i͗my-wt An offering which the king gives to Anubis, he who is upon his mountain, he of the wrappings, (2) nb tꜣ-ḏsr m swt.f [nbt ...] Lord of the Sacred Land in [all] his places [...] (3) prt-ḫrw ḥnḳt t n i͗mꜣḫ[y ...] a voice offering of beer and bread for the revered one [...] Above female figure: snbt = Senbet

Personal Name
Senbet (snbt)
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