Lantern slide

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Photographic media, Lantern slide
Twentieth century CE/AD
Egypt, Kom Ombo
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Lantern slide. Showing the Kom Ombo from the river. This photograph was taken by Sgt. Johnson of the 436 Welsh Field Company c. 1917. It formed part of a lecture which he gave. The notes from his lecture read 'Thirty five miles from Assuaan in a northerly direction we come to the temple of Kom Ombo... which is beautifully situated on the east bank of the river Nile...On the south side the temple is continually menaced by the water which had already swallowed a large portion of the terrace and one side of the entrance pylon before it was held in check by the construction of a stone embankement in 1893...'. This is a similar view to EC1718.

Last modified: 09 May 2020

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