Fifty Years of the Wellcome Collection at Swansea and Beyond

A series of presentations from the 2021 conference. Cost: £0.00 | start date: 15 Sep 2021
Opening remarks

Henry Wellcome’s Historical Medical Museum: An Introduction to Collecting, Display, and Dispersals

Piecing Together the Archaeological History of Jebel Moya, Sudan

Discussion Panel

The Egyptian Collection of Henry Wellcome

Nefertiti lived there: a look at the 1930–31 EES excavation at Amarna

The Wellcome Collection of Egyptology at the Oriental Museum, Durham University

“A perfect whirl of delight”: Winifred Blackman in Egypt

Wellcome Material in Manchester

The Wellcome Collection at Bolton Museum

The Wellcome Collection and the Petrie Museum: Past and Present

Wellcome to the Fitzwilliam: the rediscovery of a collection of Egyptian objects in Cambridge

Reviewing the Wellcome Egyptology material held on loan at the Science Museum

Rising from the ashes: how the Wellcome Collection came to the aid of Liverpool’s war-torn museum

From Wellcome to Swansea: the history of the Swansea Wellcome Collection

Transcribe Wellcome: piecing together the Wellcome collections’ diaspora

Launch of the Egypt and its Neighbours display

Kate’s museum: transcribing the daybooks of Käthe Bosse Griffiths

Closing remarks

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