Wonderful Things Conference 2020

A series of presentations from the Wonderful Things 2020 conference which had to move online due to the Covid-19 lockdown Cost: £0.00 | start date: 30 Apr 2020
Introduction to the Egypt Centre

Collection Access Manager Ken provides an overview of the history of the Egypt Centre collection.

The Lintel of the Overseer of Craftsmen, Tjenti

Collection Access Manager Ken explains the more recent history of a lintel from Saqqara, belonging to Tjenti, a Fifth Dynasty official.

All the words Unspoken: A Faience Flute and the Materiality of Music

John (Swansea University) and Katherine (Cardiff University) give an overview of some of the objects within the collection likely to be musical instruments, and an update on the conservation work on a faience flute.

Paddle Dolls in Ancient Egypt: Gaudy or Godly?

Megan (Liverpool University) discusses the prevalence and function of paddle dolls within ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt and Swansea Royal Institution

Egypt Centre curator Carolyn gives an overview of the Egyptian collection held by Swansea Museum.

A Call to Arms Wooden funerary figures from the Egypt Centre

Sam Powell (Swansea University) gives a summary of her current research into the wooden funerary figures held by the Egypt Centre

The Posthumous Destiny of Amenhotep-son-of-Hapu

Aidan discusses the developments in the reconstruction of the stone coffin of Amenhotep Son of Hapu

Piecing Together the Unpublished Pan-Grave Cemetery at Armant

Aaron presents the material from the Pan graves at Armant

Brief Overview of the Collectors Represented at the Egypt Centre

Ken provides an overview of some of the collectors whose objects now reside in the Egypt Centre

Evidence of Diet, Deification, and Death within Ancient Egyptian Mummified Animals

Richard (Swansea University) gives an overview of his research into several of the mummified animals within the Egypt Centre collection

Anubis at the Bier: On Tombs, Coffins and Five Objects from the Egypt Centre Collection

Stephanie (Ludwig Maximilians University Munich) explains the importance of the iconography of "Anubis at the bier"

A Demotic Inscribed Wooden Tablet in the Egypt Centre Collection

Martina (Universität Trier) explores a grain label from Graeco-Roman Egypt

The Diaspora of Cypriot Antiquities in Swansea

Ersin (Swansea University) explores the objects of Cypriot origin within the collection

“Here I Am, You Shall Say”: An Overview of the Shabti Collection in the Egypt Centre

Meg (an independant researcher) highlights some of the many shabtis within the collection

Provisions for the Dead in Ancient Egypt: Conservation at Cardiff University

Phil, Ashley and Eleanor (Cardiff University) discuss some of the Egypt Centre objects worked on by the conservation team at Cardiff University

A Prehistoric Wildlife Scene in The Egypt Centre

Christian (Swansea University) explains the iconography of a prehistoric vessel within the collection

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